Aristotle’s Thoughts Concerning the Problem of the Living Beings and their Evolution

Aristoteles-Thoughts-Concerning-The-Problem-of-the-Living-Beings-and-their-Evolution.pdf (1 MB)

Philosophy-Science from The Biotic Standpoint

Philosophy-Science-From-The-Biotic-Standpoint.pdf (593 KB)

Filosofia-Ciencia A Partier Del Punto De Vista Biotico

Filosofia-Ciencia-A-Partir-Del-Punto-De-Vista-Biotico.pdf (1 MB)

Evolution: The Epitome of The Emerging Contemporaneous Global Civilization

Homo-Pragmatico-Theoreticus.pdf (183 KB)

A Reassessment of Human Evolution: A Spiritual and Material Evalution of Human Evolution Based On Islamic Considerations

A-Reassessment-of-Human-Evolution.pdf (1 MB)